CONCERNED parents have been left scrambling to find a new place for their children after a nursery suddenly shut its doors.

Greyfriars Nurseries sent an email to parents shortly before Christmas explaining that Bubbles@Caversham Nursery in Northbrook Road would be closing.

Parents were told the company's Whitley Wood Road nursery would not be reopening in the New Year due to resourcing issues after safeguarding concerns were raised.

Bubbles@St Paul's was closed by Ofsted after allegations of harm to children were made in November, while the Northbrook Road site could reopen by the middle of January.

A spokesman for Greyfriars said: "It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing that we are to close Bubbles@Caversham nursery from January 1 and will not be reopening Bubbles@St Paul’s nursery.

"This is not a decision that we have taken lightly, but due to resourcing issues we believe this is the best way of ensuring that our other nurseries can function successfully and provide the best possible care.

"We regret the distress and anxiety that this will cause to parents and their children, but are working with Reading Borough Council to do everything possible to find places for children affected by the closures."

Greyfriars Nurseries has appointed a new board member, with more than 35 years of safeguarding experience in the NHS, to oversee changes.

The company is now working with Reading Borough Council to provide places for the children and Ofsted will visit Greyfriars in January to check improvements have been made.

A spokesman added: "We have already taken significant steps to make sure that safeguarding at our remaining nurseries is of the highest standard.

"We are deeply sorry for the disruption and inconvenience that the closure of Greyfriars nursery has caused to children, parents and carers.

"We are confident that no staff will lose their jobs through the closures, but instead will be redeployed at the remaining nurseries.

"We are confident that out of this difficult time the nursery has learned best practice and going forward will set an example for upholding the highest safeguarding standards."