THE TOWN'S newest MP has added animal welfare to his list of ethical credentials by backing an innovative campaign.

Matt Rodda has put his name to a petition calling for more vegan meal deals to be introduced to the nation's supermarkets.

Typically priced at £3, the lunch time favourite provides a combination of sandwiches or pasta, a snack and a drink to millions of hungry Britons each day.

Options made without animal products are next to non-existent in shops such as Sainsbury's and Tesco's however, leading campaigners to call on supermarket CEOs to add more vegan meal deals to their menus.

The Labour MP said: “I think it is important that people have a choice about what they eat when they buy a sandwich and I want to support the campaign for vegans to get the chance to buy sandwiches in the same way as people who eat meat, or who are vegetarians but eat dairy produce.

“I appreciate that many people choose a vegan diet for ethical or religious, environmental or health reasons and I hope their choices will be respected by retailers. I should add that many non-vegans also like to try vegan food, or want to reduce the amount of meat and dairy products they eat, and their views should also be taken into account.”

The petition, which clocked up several hundred signatures over the weekend, argues that the more visible and accessible meat and dairy free options are, the easier it will be for vegans and non-vegans alike to pick up a plant based lunch.

It is argued this will help consumers cut their carbon footprint as vegan food typically requires far less energy to produce than animal products.

The petition reads: "This campaign hopes not only to cater for the half a million plus Britons living a meat and dairy free lifestyle, but to make vegan options visible, approachable and affordable.

"With our country's shelves brimming with ethical alternatives, the inconvenient and alien perception of veganism will begin to lift, and many more may choose to opt for a more environmentally and animal friendly lifestyle."

To sign the petition, click here.