A FORMER University of Reading student has found himself an unwanted viral sensation after claiming women want to be raped on Tinder.

Charlie Silcox reacted strongly when he saw a woman he had matched with on the romantic messaging app had written "men of quality believe in equality".

The 28 year-old launched into a lengthy tirade, claiming that women enjoy non-consensual sex, nice guyd get no girls and 10,000 men would one day force themselves on their female partners to show "she loves it".

He also claimed Harvey Weinstein, currently the centre of numerous sexual assault claims, should be publically thanked for forging the career of Angelina Jolie.

In a bid to publicly shame Mr Silcox, a friend of his target uploaded the messages to Facebook, which were subsequently shared hundreds of times.

The friend wrote: "My friend was just scrolling through her messages on Sunday night when she was going to bed and she saw Charlie had matched with her.

"We were both shocked at what he had written.

"He claims he was drunk but he was talking relatively eloquently - and even if he was drunk it doesn't excuse that behaviour.

"This is absolutely disgusting."

At first Mr Silcox appeared unrepentant, telling the Daily Mail: "Yeah, I own this. Everything I said is true."

When The Chronicle spoke to him on Tuesday morning however, he claimed he and his family had received threats and apologised for his behaviour.

He wrote: "I'm so sorry for my comments, and not just because what's happened in the last 48 hours.

"Women in my family have sat me down and told me in no uncertain terms how wrong I was.

"I am truly sorry for contributing towards a problem in society of women being overly sexualised."

The University of Reading was quick to distance itself from the frenzy.

A spokesperson said: “This individual left the University in 2010 and is no longer associated with us. As an institution we condemn the use of sexually violent language and urge the parties involved to contact the police and Tinder.”