AN out-of-this-world tale about an astronomical swine will soon be hitting the shelves after a Reading author's talent was spotted by a leading illustrator.

Inspiration can come in all shapes and sizes and for Suzy Davies it was when spotted a pig in her backyard one evening.

She observed the shy suckling for many days and knew that she had the perfect seed for a children's book, but need someone to bring her idea to life.

Suzy said: "One person and one person only came to mind. Sheila Graber, the award-winning world-acclaimed animator for Paddington Bear.

"I took notes and observed her antics from the back window. Very quickly, I came to realise that this cute shy piggy was a nocturnal animal."

With the help of Sheila, Luna the Moon Pig was born and the book will be available to buy from December 9.

"Sheila is one of my idols and for her to pick up my work is a dream come true," said Suzy, who now lives in Florida.

"When I first had the idea it was not something that I expected to turn into a book, but Sheila really enjoyed the theme."

The author and illustrator decided to collaborate on Luna’s story 'just for fun' and fully immersed themselves, day by day, in the creation of the book.