ROADSIDE testing for drink and drug drivers will be stepped up in December as part of a police crackdown.

Thames Valley Police is aiming to reduce the number of deaths caused by illicit substances with a month-long campaign called 'Operation Holly'.

Drink and drug-driving can destroy lives and the emergency services will be putting enhanced patrols in place to tackle the problem.

Road safety sergeant Chris Appleby said: “Drug and drink driving are both very serious offences and all drivers need to understand the gravity and consequences of their actions if they drink and drive.

“Operation Holly is designed to be a deterrent to any motorist thinking about driving while impaired by the effects of drugs or alcohol.

“Please think about the pain and misery you could inflict on innocent road users by a reckless decision to drive or ride after taking drugs or consuming alcohol.

“Drug drivers should realise we can now test on the roadside for certain drugs. Only a trace amount of an illegal drug in a person’s system could lose them their licence like drink driving.”