MORE than six million disposable cups are sent to landfill in Reading every year, it has been revealed.

A new scheme - Refill Reading - has been launched to reduce the amount of coffee cups being disposed of, with the support of Reading Borough Council.

This will be achieved by encouraging and promoting the use of reusable cups through discounts at a number of coffee shops with the Refill Reading logo in the window.

Councillor Liz Terry, lead member for Neighbourhoods, said: “So many of us enjoy grabbing a cup of coffee on the go from one of the many cafes in Reading but the consequence is millions of disposable cups end up in landfill every year.

“This excellent new initiative will help people make a positive difference to their environment and save some money at the same time.”

The campaign, which is sponsored by Reading Climate Change Partnership, will allow customers to buy 'Ecoffee' cups, made from sustainable materials.

Shops already part of the campaign include Palmer’s Café in Reading Town Hall, Nomad Bakery and the Indulgent Baker (Warings) in Caversham, and Nibsy’s, Picnic and Boswells in the town centre.

Customers can get a discount now for using reusable cups when they buy hot drinks. The Hexagon and South Street will also be joining the scheme.

Councillor Tony Page, lead member for Strategic Environment, said: “The council is committed to playing a leading role in making Reading a cleaner and greener town and further reducing our carbon footprint.

“Innovative projects like Refill Reading, where community groups and the council work in partnership, give everyone a chance to take a single action which can potentially have a massive positive impact on the environment and I am delighted to see council venues taking part.”

The Refill Reading campaign is an initiative of Transition Town Reading, an organisation working to create a more sustainable town through community-based projects.

Funding for the campaign has been provided by the council through the Reading Climate Action Network.