A MYSTERY celebrity guest is expected to switch on the Christmas lights in the town centre.

More than 450,000 lights will illuminate the streets on the afternoon of November 18 for the festive celebrations, including an eight-metre tall tree.

Broad Street Mall will be holding a celebrity switch-on of the centre's own Christmas lights on November 16 at 6pm.

It is not yet clear who will have the honour of pushing the button.

Celebrations will start at 4pm and The Oracle will be holding a similar extravaganza - A River of Light - starting at 6pm, giving shoppers the chance to move seamlessly from one event to the next.

A campaign was launched in the hope the local legend Reading Elvis, aka Dave Allon, but he has declined the opportunity despite a wave of support.

He will however be attending the Broad Street Mall as a VIP guest.

A spokesman for Broad Street Mall said ITV had taken over the Christmas light switch on and details of the celebrity guest would have to be approved by them.