A SCHOOLBOY who suffered a substantial bleed on the brain is flying high after being invited to an indoor skydiving simulator.

Krishan Benn-Shah was at home in February when he suddenly collapsed and required emergency surgery at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

The nine-year-old boy was rushed to hospital on Valentine's Day after suffering from a congenital condition called arteriovenous malformation, which caused blood vessels in his brain to burst.

Along with nine other families, Krishan was invited to the iFly wind tunnel experience at Milton Keynes on Sunday.

His parents, Jay and Dakota, were told to expect the worst when doctors explained he only had a five per cent chance of surviving.

Carol Beaumont, a children’s physiotherapist at the hospital, is a regular skydiver and wanted to give the children the thrill of a lifetime.

She said: "It was initially unknown if Krishan would survive and he was on life support for nearly two weeks.

"He then required a further three months of daily therapy in hospital before he was able to go home with special equipment to help him sit and walk.

"Krishan has started back at school on a part time basis and still requires intensive therapy to regain his skills.

"He is a very bright and funny boy who has a great sense of humour and love of Pokémon."

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The bleed on Krishan's brain left him with symptoms such as paralysis and slurred speech, similar to a stroke, and controlled his ability to walk, talk and eat.

His parents continued to travel between Reading and Oxford until he was able to return home.

Carol added: "The children have all shown remarkable resilience in facing their individual challenges during rehabilitation and this is a unique opportunity to celebrate each of their stories and achievements.

"Many of these children have spent a lot of time in hospital and so a social event is good for their wellbeing.

"It is good for the families too because they can meet other parents or siblings who have been through similar experiences."