A COMMUNITY group needs to raise a whopping £200,000 to save their beloved workshop.

The Silvers' Workshop, a 'man shed' where retired men can enjoy handmade crafts and projects, currently sits at the rear of a derelict shop.

However, the landlord has applied for planning permission to turn the space into housing.

Tony Smith-Crallan, who launched the 'man shed' group, wants to buy the workshop space in Hilcot Road, Reading.

But the self-sufficient group need to raise an astonishing amount of cash in the next two years in order to do so.

He said: "We would really like to be able to buy the space we are in but finding the £200,000 is something we are only just embarking on.

"We are starting to look for grants and various bits and pieces."

The Silvers' Workshop started in Jackson's Corner in Reading before moving to its current location.

Members come from Reading, Bracknell, Wokingham and the surrounding areas.

Mr Smith-Crallan, 67, launched the project to give retired men something to do with their free time.

He added: "When you finish working you have this vast amount of time.

"You don't have a group of people you are familiar with or are your tribe so it can be pretty lonely, particularly if you don't have the confidence in yourself or your ability.

"It can be very hard getting yourself out there and joining a group.

"If people have a project they want to do we are there to help them and if they have any problems there are people here to share them with."

Mr Smith-Crallan said he has aspirations to expand The Silvers' Workshop across Berkshire, but wants to stabilise the current site first.

The workshop has facilities for wood work and metal work among others.

Members have organised a pop-up tent which will be in Broad Street, Reading, on November 25, where the group will be selling hand-crafted reindeer.

For more information on The Silvers' Workshop or to make a donation, call 0118 959 9971.