AN APPEAL to shower a severely disabled girl with as many birthday cards as possible has seen hundreds of people come forward.

Alicia Jordaan has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, epilepsy and is gastric fed twice a day, but her mother Vikki is determined to make her tenth birthday as special as possible.

The 33-year-old was shocked when Bollywood actress Mya Amarise arrived at their home on Bath Road, Newbury, days after the appeal was launched.

Mrs Jordaan suffered a stillbirth after 36 weeks 13 years ago and described it as the 'most painful experience' of her life.

She said: "I kept telling myself that I must have done something terrible in my life to have lost my little girl and now I know at some point I am going to lose another daughter.

"My dreams have been shattered into a million pieces. You imagine taking her to prom or her dad walking her up the aisle and we know it is unlikely that will ever happen.

"We are determined to give her the best birthday possible and to make memories for the family when she is gone."

Alicia, who has to brothers, will be 10 on December 7 and the family has so far received more than 200 cards from all over the world in just over three weeks.

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The 'inspirational' girl has also suffered with sepsis and her mother is 'incredibly thankful' she is still alive despite the daily challenge of caring for her.

"You count your blessings and you look at life in a completely different way," she added.

"Knowing that her condition is life-limiting is really hard to understand and we have to take each day at a time.

"We treasure every single day with her and she is an absolute superstar. She has made me who I am today.

"I would walk over broken glass for Alicia and I want to keep her for as long as possible.

"We have received anywhere between 10 and 30 cards every day and the public have been amazing."

Send your cards to: Marlyns, Bath Road, Speen, Newbury, RG14 1RG.