THE LIFE saving actions of two police officers has been recognised at a Joint Operations Unit Commendations Ceremony.

PC James Baker and PC Alex Gillett, based at Three Mile Cross, were commended on October 5 for their quick thinking and decisive action.

On October 11 PC Baker and his colleague pulled up alongside an inappropriately parked car on Rushey Way, Lower Earley.

After attempting to wake the seemingly sleeping driver, he called for medical backup before placing him in the recovering position and performing CPR on the man, who was having a seizure.

The two officers returned the man's car to his home and then drove to hospital to return the keys to his wife. The man later made a full recovery.

On 10 May 2016 Police Constable Alex Gillett was deployed to help a12-year-old boy who had gone into cardiac arrest on May 10.

Together with the paramedics, PC Gillett performed emergency first aid and played a crucial role in reviving the boy following several minutes of CPR.

PC Gillett’s enhanced first aid skills played a significant part in the boy being successfully resuscitated. He was was airlifted to hospital where his condition was described as 'stable'.

Along with 20 officers from Thames Valley Police and Hampshire Constabulary and one police dog, the pair were commended at the Sulhamstead train centre.

Chief Superintendent Steve Williams said: “Being able to celebrate the outstanding bravery and dedication of our officers and staff is a great honour.

“Despite being confronted with armed suspects or faced with harrowing life or death situations, these officers have not hesitated to do their very best for the protection of others.

“Our officers and staff within the JOU are deployed to some of the most challenging and often dangerous incidents due to their expertise in specialist areas and it makes me extremely proud to see how they go above and beyond to help make our communities safer.”