A COMMUNITY company has threatened to report the council to the Information Commissioner if it reveals the truth behind a secretive bid to save a much-loved building.

Reading Aspire claims it has made a £10m bid to buy Central Club in London Street from Reading Borough Council. However, the bid does not include any cash upfront.

The council rejected the offer and campaigners marched on the council's Bridge Street Offices on Monday night demanding the iconic building be sold to Aspire.

Campaigners fear whoever buys the site will destroy the neighbouring mural. However, RBC remains adamant there is no threat to the artwork.

RBC wants to expose the full details of the bid by aspire to the public, but claims Aspire has threatened to report the authority to the Information Commissioner if it is made public.

A spokesman said: “The Council can confirm it has received the petition submitted by Aspire on Monday evening. We would like to reiterate however that no cash sum has been offered by Aspire to buy the former Central Club building.

"Despite requests by the Council to Aspire to waive confidentiality on its bid, this was been refused by Aspire and the Council has been informed it will be reported to the Information Commissioner if it makes full details of the bid public.

“We are also clear that the Council remains fully committed to preserving the mural. It is wholly inaccurate to suggest otherwise.

"The mural remains of huge importance to the black community, the wider community and the Council as it represents Reading’s long history of celebrating different cultures and promoting tolerance.

"The Council expects any offers received in the next round to include plans to secure the mural’s future. We have also contacted the mural artist to discuss its future treatment and preservation."

The building is currently on the market and Aspire can still make another bid to buy the club, which was closed down more than a decade ago.

The spokesman continued: “The council have made it clear that all bidders – including Aspire or any other community group - can either carry forward existing bids, or submit a fresh offer for the building as part of the new bidding process this Autumn."

The inside of Central Club has been empty since 2006.

RBC wants to sell the building to bidders who want to bring the site back to use.

Aspire's plans include knocking down the site and turning it into student flats, while ensuring the mural is kept.