I AM writing to voice my full support for the EFA proposal to build new home for the Heights school on Mapledurham Playing Fields. As a member of the Caversham community, a father of two young children and school Governor, I whole heartedly feel that this is by far the most logical and appropriate option for the school, for the community and for my children’s future.

The EFA proposal has clear, unrivalled and unwavering benefits in all areas; the introduction of better infrastructure and potential for using the huge £1.36million lump sum to restore the pavilion, and improve the current pitches would give this and future generations a real, tangible benefit in so many ways.

Whilst having a permanent home is an outstanding and significant benefit to the Heights school these improvements in facilities and footfall to MPF would only encourage the playing fields to be used for more recreation purposes; in addition to this I cannot see how these improvements would impede the use of the pitches, grounds or courts by any other community groups. How would children playing in the park, using the fields and making use of the pitches be a bad thing, I can only imagine that these healthy images would be what Mr Hewett would want.

In summation, to me, this proposal is clearly a huge benefit to the community for now and well into the future. Based on this I would encourage any reader to visit the council website and register their approval for the EFA proposal before this one off opportunity for dramatic improvement is missed.

Barney Smith