A HOME has been left devastated after emergency services were called out to a sudden flood on Monday evening.

A crew from Wokingham Road station were sent to Linden Road at around 11pm and found the entire ground floor damaged.

Firefighters were forced to break entry in order to isolate the electric and gas supplies and identified the source of the leak in the bathroom.

Watch manager Darren Barrett from Wokingham Road said: "We were called out to an internal flooding at a property on Linden Road.

"We were sent out at 11pm last night and the water was leaking from the bathroom.

"The whole ground floor was damaged by the flooding and we isolated the electrics and gas as a matter of urgency.

"We forced entry to the property and we were on the scene for about an hour. Nobody was hurt.

"We had to force entry because the flood was endangering the electric supplies and we are permitted to force entry providing we make contact with the police and take steps to secure the building afterwards."