VILLAGERS began raising hundreds of pounds towards costs after their beloved post office was hit by a shocking ram raid.

Neighbours in Spencers Wood donated cash to be given to the owners of the One Stop in Basingstoke Road after it was ruined by thugs.

Janet Barkus pledged £35 and said: "Arj and Chandni are the loveliest of people. Let's hope they now know how well they are thought of in Spencers Wood."

Carmen Arico added: "Sorry to hear this guys. Hope this goes some way to helping you get back on your feet."

The page was set up by resident Chris Barkus and has an initial target of £500.

He wrote: "Whilst I'm sure insurance will cover most costs of the damage and losses from this awful break in, I thought Arj & Chan could do with a little help whether it go towards helping with things or a weekend away, something for the family or what have you.

"As most of you know they have worked their butts off to get this place off the ground and I'm sure everyone appreciates the friendly attitude received when using their store."

A gang of thieves drove a car into the front of the shop before stealing the cash point and driving off in a dramatic ram raid last week.

Police sealed off the store, which was closed the following day, and launched an investigation into the theft.

A witness said: "It was horrific.

“We saw two cars, there was a silver Volvo and an older car which was dark blue or black.

“The men were all wearing dark clothing and they covered their faces. They had English accents.

“They took the cash point from inside the shop. They must have caused so much damage.

“There was lots of shouting and the alarm was going off. It was really loud.

“They were shouting at each other because they knew they had drawn a lot of attention.”

Anyone with information about the raid should contact Thames Valley Police on 101.

To donate towards the fundraising drive visit