CHURCHES in Southcote have been coming together to find out the burning questions in their community.

St Matthew's, Grange URC and Southcote Christian Mission have created a six-foot high question box which has made its way round the area from schools to street corners, gathering more than 250 questions.

The churches then organise the questions and dealt with them in question and answer sessions over the past few weeks.

Reverend Pads Dolphin, vicar at St Matthew's, said: “We decided that we wanted to ask the community if they could ask God one question what would it be?

“We have had a tremendous engagement from the community.

“We've had a six-foot high post-box-type thing with a massive question mark on it doing the rounds at Southcote. Its been out by Coronation Square, in schools and on the road side.

“Over the last four weeks we've gathered about 250 questions from people of all ages, from children through to the elderly.

“Now we are having some events where we humbly try to answer the questions and we invite people to come and listen and ask follow up questions, which we are giving a Christian answer to.”

At each sessions the churches have had someone with life experience related to the issues discussed in the questions.

Rev. Dolphin added: “We've had a few funny questions put in the box, but generally speaking we've had a lot of heartfelt questions.

“We've had questions from what's next weeks lottery numbers, on the one hand, to why is life so tough, on the other.”

After the session there is the chance for visitors to explore the issues raised more deeply through courses run by the churches.

The final Q&A session of the initiative will take place at St Matthew's.

Southcote Lane, on July 2 at 6pm and will be accompanied by a BBQ and live music.

The churches are inviting everyone to attend, even if they have not put a question in the box.