FRUSTRATED homeowners have criticised the council for failing to prevent travellers from returning.

A large group of caravans set up camp on the junction of Dwyer Road and Burghfield Road last week and have been described as an 'eyesore' by nearby residents.

It is believed the council carried out a court order to move the travellers earlier this month, only for the same group to return.

One concerned resident, who asked not to be named, said: "It annoys me because it doesn't seem like we have enough real power to deal with the problem.

"If we did, they would not keep coming back after being told to move on.

"The issue of travellers has been ongoing for a number of months now and ever since Christmas there has always been at least one part of Reading with a camp of caravans.

"They are right at the bottom of my road and I have to see this eyesore on a daily basis. There are at least a dozen vehicles parked on the small patch of grass and they even have a pony.

"The children run around with no shirts on in front of traffic and I have no doubt they will leave bags of mess behind when they are eventually told to leave, which the council will have to clean up at our expense.

"Stronger measures must be put in place to tackle the problem otherwise they will continue to make a fool of us by moving around in circles and bending the law for their own benefit."

Previous attempts to kerb the problem in Reading resulted in barriers being installed at Prospect Park and plastic bollards on the Bath Road.

Reading Borough Council confirmed the travellers arrived last Wednesday, with the council currently applying for a fresh court order to remove them.

A council spokesman added: "Officers have visited the site and asked the group to leave and the council’s legal team will be seeking an order to remove the travellers from the land.

"The council is waiting for a hearing date from Reading County Court."