SPORTING activities across Berkshire are set for a huge boost after an exciting sports sponsorship business launched this week.

Caversham-based businessmen Bill Ingram and Jonny Summers have set up Sponsure, an online marketplace, which aims to revolutionise the archaic way sport sponsorship is sought by grassroots clubs.

Designed to connect the two worlds of business and sport, the main aim will be to help community clubs overcome the challenge of securing financial support.

Mr Ingram said: “Reading and the surrounding areas are a hot bed for sport and there are a huge number of businesses here that can benefit from partnering sport.

“Rather than traditional forms of advertising or putting your business up on a billboard for just two weeks, Sponsure enables a business to find a club or school that best fits its businesses goals and provides a season long marketing campaign whilst investing in the community.”

Sponsure has already launched with 12 ‘pilot’ clubs, schools and Reading University across the region so far.

Abbey Club chairman, Dave Husbands, said: “Sponsorship is a vital part of the club’s finances. The sponsorship we attract and receive fund everything from kit to tours and upgrading our facilities for the benefit of our players and members.”

Visit: for more information.