A MAN who admitted to moving an ambulance to free up a parking space claims he was trying to help other drivers who were trapped by the emergency vehicle.

Alan Dale, 67, was ordered to pay fines of £960 after releasing the handbrake of an ambulance in Newbury in December last year.

The defendant claimed he was attempting to help a woman and her child, who were stuck in the Pelican Lane car park, along with several other unhappy motorists.

The ambulance was called on December 29 to treat a woman who had been suffering from stroke-like symptoms.

While she was receiving treatment from South Central Ambulance Service, Dale noticed four cars were blocked in and so he decided to move it.

However, his actions caused the ambulance to jolt backwards suddenly, which exacerbated her anxiety.

Paramedics were quick to spot the vehicle move and they rushed over to condemn the actions of the 67-year-old man.

He was ordered to pay a fine of £1,192, reduced to £795 for admitting the charges.

A victim surcharge of £80 and court costs of £85 were also issued by magistrates on Thursday, March 23.

Charges of taking a vehicle and driving without third-party insurance were dismissed.