SHOPPERS in The Oracle were given a stark reminder of the importance of driving safely as part of a new marketing campaign.

Glove compartments appeared in the shopping centre earlier this month to remind drivers on new harsher penalties for using the phone behind the wheel.

THINK! launched the campaign as 2,750 drivers were caught using their phone behind the wheel in the first week of the new penalties.

Shoppers were confronted with glove boxes reminding them to keep their phones out of sight.

Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, said: “Our message is simple and clear: do not get distracted by your mobile phone while driving. It may seem innocent, but holding and using your phone at the wheel risks serious injury and even death to yourself and other road users.

“Everyone has a part to play in encouraging their family and friends not to use their phones while driving – it is as inexcusable as drink driving.”

Advertisement billboards with a 3D moulded glove compartement sprang up in shopping centres across the country.

The campaign was the brain child of marketing agency MKTG.

"We wanted to create a fun and exciting customer experience that would help to educate the public about the new penalties," a spokesman said.

"The response to the units has been really positive and thousands of stickers have been issued to drivers across the country.

"The units are a real talking point and help to reflect upon and reinforce the message that you should always put your phone away before driving.”