LESS than 24 hours after the council spent money on removing an abandoned caravan at the bottom of Langley Hill, another community of travellers have returned to Calcot.

A scene of wreckage was left behind by the previous group last week, after they were evicted by West Berkshire Council, but their efforts appear to have been for nothing.

Neighbours are fed up with the lack of action being taken to prevent the travellers from returning on a long term basis, with wasted council tax at the heart of their concerns.

One Calcot resident, who asked not to be identified, said: "The worse bit is there are now more travellers back on this site.

"That's when you know West Berkshire Council don't do anything. When one group of travellers leave a disgusting mess behind, which I had to look at on a daily basis.

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"I came out of my front door and another group arrive within days. The caravan they dumped only just got picked up on Tuesday morning.

"I wonder what they will leave behind this time. I can't believe we pay council tax to fund people to clean up after this disgusting behaviour.

"On the night the other group left they were outside shouting and throwing glass bottles around and weeing in the street. It is awful for the people that are living next door to it."

West Berkshire Council refused to comment on how much money was spent this week to evict the travellers and remove the rubbish left behind.

The travellers using the site on Old Bath Road by the derelict Murdoch’s pub have since returned, reigniting the concerns of nearby homeowners.

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Here are some of your responses to the traveller saga:

Corinne Shaw said: "West Berkshire Council have been very slow at clearing up the mess our traveller friends left behind, which resulted in more people fly tipping on top. There are some seriously selfish people in our society, I'm afraid."

David Rowell said: "The police need to be tougher and tougher laws need to be put in place. Otherwise someone will take it in their own hands and will get hurt."

Councillor Tony Linden, also a resident of Calcot, added: "West Berkshire Council have to abide by the law and get a court order to evict the travellers.

"The council contractors, after the travellers have left, inform the council, when they can do the clean up. Local councillors have been actively involved in this."

A spokesman for West Berkshire Council added: "The council has already served ‘Direction Orders’ to the travellers, requiring them to leave and will go to the Magistrates Court on Tuesday if these orders are not followed.

"We appreciate that residents are frustrated by the waste left behind by the previous travellers, however, the council must follow due process and act according to the law.

"We are now looking to see if there are any options available to secure the road."