TWO 'lucky' residents avoided being caught in a blaze after a faulty tumble dryer set fire to their garage on Tuesday evening.

Dee Road fire station were called to the Embrook Way home at 10.30pm after the device sent the entire garage up in smoke.

By the time three fire crews arrived, the fire had ripped through the garage and was starting to spread to the house, but the people inside were rescued with breathing masks.

Fire fighter Costa from Dee Road station said: "We had a garage fire in Calcot in Embrook Way at about 10.30 last night. The fire was well alight by the time we arrived.

"Flames were encroaching on the house that was next to the garage. We used breathing apparatus and two hose reels to extinguish the fire. Three fire engines attended the incident.

"The residents were inside at the time, but they were lucky to escape. There was a little damage to the house and the guttering, but we managed to stop the fire from spreading before it got out of hand.

"There was a faulty tumble dryer in the garage which we believe caused the incident."

All of the people inside the Calcot home were freed unharmed with minimal damage to the house.