TWO Reading schools have taken centre stage in a nationwide campaign aimed at encouraging disabled young people in sport ahead of the Paralympics in September. 

Pupils from Denefield School and Waingels College featured in a film called Play Unified, part of a campaign by Special Olympics Great Britain.

The video looks to change people's attitudes towards people with intellectual disabilities on and off the pitch and was created in partnership with schools across the country.

Seven pupils took part from Denefield School where Gemma Colborne is PE teacher.

“The purpose of the project was to build a bridge between the kids that are able bodied and those that have a disability.

“We have an emphasis on inclusion sports at Denefield such as wheelchair basketball, but we also do rugby, football, and netball.

“It was great for us as a school to do it. We want to create a bond between able bodied and disabled pupils through sport.”

Play Unified will reach 18,000 pupils at 200 schools over the next two years through a host of events encouraging leadership and camaraderie.