THE Death of a 12-year-old girl's mother was described as a "terrible tragedy" by her father, an inquest heard.

Gary Bedford made the comments after his ex-wife Elena Levchenko, 38, died at her home in Lower Earley last year.

The business woman had become "overloaded with stress" by her employer, Mr Bedford claimed, and she was concerned that a new passport had not arrived despite using a fast-track service so she could attend over-seas trips for work.

Mr Bedford said: "There is a work issue involved.

"She had been dumped a hole load of work on her at the end of September [2015].

"She had overseas trips planned which were not part of her schedule.

"I am going to get an employment lawyer and take the company to the cleaners."

The inquest at Reading Town Hall today - overseen by coroner Peter Bedford - heard how Ms Levchenko was found dead at her home in Gabriels Square on October 18 last year.

Her ex-husband heard Ms Levchenko, who had four degrees, had been prescribed a course of antidepressants and sleeping medication two days before her death, and her mother Galina - who lives in Russia - was staying with her at the time.

The 38-year-old was waiting for a new passport to arrive, but became anxious that she may have had to tell her employer that she could not make the planned trips.

A statement from her mother, translated from Russian, was read out by the coroner, which read: "I had no knowledge of her having any mental health issues.

"I am aware she saw a doctor three years ago after her divorce."

Ms Levchenko left the house on the evening of October 17 and her mother waited up for her to come home, but she did not think she came back to the house.

The following morning she let the family dog out in the garden when she noticed Elena's bedroom light was switched on.

As she went to switch it off, she noticed Elena's phone was in the room.

She was described by the coroner as having an "inclination to check the garage", where she found her daughter hanged.

The coroner recorded a verdict of suicide while suffering from depression, adding: "There is nothing to suggest there was any third party involvement.

"The logical conclusion based on the evidence I have is that I can be satisfied she intended by her actions to end her life."

But the ex-husband said he had concerns about the medication prescribed to Ms Levchenko being "psychedelic", and believed she would not have taken her life without them.

The coroner told him that two days worth of the medication - citalopram - should not have had an effect on Ms Levchenko's brain.

A note found in her pocket told the family "do not blame anyone for my death".