A DRIVER managed to escape injury after his car set alight closing off Lower Earley Way this afternoon.

Fire crews arrived at the scene to find the man safely out the vehicle but the 4x4 well alight and burning at the side of the road.

Police officers had to cordon off the road close to the Black Boy roundabout while firefighters doused the flames which was done through an open front window using hose reels.

The fire was put out before the fuel tank caught alight but the silver car was described as "write off" by the time the smoke had cleared.

Firefighter Matt Edmonds, of Wokingham Road station, said: "We found the car in the layby on fire and were able to gain access to the flames because the front windows were open and we could get water in that way and knock it back quickly.

"The fire was right over the back wheel and we were worried that the fuel was going to catch."

The cause of the blaze in unknown.