A TEENAGE boy sent a selfie picture of his bloodstained clothes minutes after a 15-year-old schoolgirl thrust a kitchen knife into his chest, a court heard.

The pair had arranged to meet and sort out a dispute which saw the girl post messages on social media saying "watch what I'm going to do to you" followed by two emoji icons of a knife.

Police later found his mobile number saved in her phone under the name "dead man walking".

She had also written on her Instagram page she would pay someone £900 to "help her to do something".

The girl - who cannot be named for legal reasons - stood in the dock charged with attempted murder at the first day of the trial at Reading Crown Court.

The jury of nine men and three women heard how after a night of exchanges on social media the two teenagers, who attended the same school, agreed to meet in Southcote on Sunday, June 7.

Sally Mealing-Mcleod, prosecuting on Monday, described the moments shortly after they met in Granville Road.

She said: "At that point she reached into her hooded top and produced a large smooth-bladed kitchen knife 25cm long.

"She held it in her right hand and raised it above her head.

"He grabbed her right wrist with his hands to defend himself.

"She took the knife in her left hand and raised it above her head and brought it down, making contact with the right side of his chest."

The boy, 16, later gave evidence from behind a screen and described the stabbing to jurors.

He said: "It wasn't necessarily a sharp pain, it felt like a hit and I just didn't know what was happening and was confused because I thought she was joking.

"She pulled her hand back and went to strike me two more times."

He later added: "I didn't think that someone who was my friend, someone who I walked to school, with is actually going to stab me."

After the second two blows missed the boy began to walk away before briefly turning to show her the blood appearing through on his grey hooded top.

Before heading back to his house jurors heard how he took a photo and shared it with friends saying "look who got stabbed".

On the way home he phoned paramedics but shortly passed out outside while his 11-year-old brother took over the call.

He was then flown to the John Radcliffe Hospital in a "critical state" where he underwent two surgeries.

Ed Butler, defending, said that messages sent by the boy showed that he had intended to wind up the girl and starting a fight.

He said: "That is why you grabbed her hand. Not because you thought she was going to stab you but because you went there with a fight in mind."

The boy denied this and said the messages he had sent were just jokes and were only meant sarcastically.

The girl, now 16, stands accused of attempted murder and the lesser charge of wounding with intent, both of which have been denied. She can only be convicted of one or neither of the counts.

The trial continues.