FOODIES lined up for this year's town meal last weekend.

Residents enjoyed a scrumptious feast to the chorus of a traditional country band, organised by volunteers.

Heaps of home-grown vegetables were donated from growers across the country and students from Reading College prepared the meal.

The menu consisted of roasted vegetables and salad, followed by an ‘allotment stroganoff’ and finally a delicious fruit crumble.

Sarah and Ben Gosling, of West Reading, said they arrived early this year after showing up late last time and missing out on the food.

They said: "This is a good community event. We used to have an allotment but we just don't have the time anymore.

"It's good to promote and share food growing.

"We will certainly be coming next time, and it's great that the college students are involved."

Reading Town Meal runs every two years, and depends on donations of carrots, potatoes, beetroot, squashes and apples, to name a few.

Julie Roberts, a volunteer and one of the key organisers of the Forbury Garden event, said: "Volunteers and community groups have put all this together, it's amazing that we can do something like this.

"So many people have come up to me today and said 'I have given some veg this year'.

"We are hoping to encourage people to grow their own vegetables.

"We want to show everyone what wonderful products we have in Reading."

The Mayor of Reading Councillor Sarah Hacker was also in attendance last Saturday, tucking into lunch with one of her children.

Cllr Hacker added: "I'm delighted to be able to open the town meal this year.

"It's a wonderful community event with the whole town coming together.

"Sharing food is something that humans have done for thousands of years, it's a wonderful turnout, great weather and a wonderful event."