"DOES my bum look big in this?" The age old question which, thanks to curvy trend setters such as Kim Kardashian and Beyonce, has turned into "Does my bum look too flat in this?"
That is the question I usually pose to my husband along with, "Do I have a belly overhang/muffin top/back cleavage/fat upper arm in this?" 
Occasionally I’ve taken a chelfie (changing room selfie) and messaged him or friends for advice but unless you have a group Whatsapp set up, you have to message the same photo separately to different people which is too time consuming.
Luckily I don’t find myself in this dilemma very often as I’m generally a very decisive person and know exactly what I am looking for before I’ve even seen it. But when I find that wacky outfit that I really like, I definitely need a second opinion in order to have the confidence to wear it.
The bit I hate about getting an opinion on these type of outfits is the changing room walk of shame, peeking around the changing room door, calling out to my husband who has usually wandered away from the entrance where I specifically told him to wait and is now floating about in the middle of the shop. I have to do the shuffle dance out into a sea of spectators, frantically looking for him, while the other women in the queue for the changing room and bored-looking husbands and boyfriends silently judge my risque choice of outfit. After all that, I’m usually met with a frustrating, ‘Hmm, well, do you like it?" 
So when I heard about the Pollpic app, set up by two Reading entrepreneurs, I thought I’d give it a go. I was dubious about setting up yet another social media profile with a username and photo but I could change my settings to make it private if I wanted to. I set mine up and invited friends to join me. 
To get to grips with how it worked, I eased my way in by voting on some of the photos posted to the Pollpic public. Being a happily married woman I’ve never used Tinder so I was quite excited to try my hand at the judgmental swipe (you swipe left for no and right for yes). I voted on whether I think mankles should be on show (men showing their ankles), what top best matched a midi skirt and whether I preferred loafers or brogues on a man. There’s something quite exhilarating about it! I was starting to get the hang of it and felt ready to take the plunge and post something of my own. 
Now the question on my brain all summer has been, "Can I get away with a pair of dungarees?" My husband is not a fan which has put me off, however I saw a pair in the Primark sale and thought I’d give them a go, at £7 I couldn’t really go wrong. Pollpic seemed to be the perfect place to get another opinion so I took a selfie and posted it. I kept myself busy so I wouldn’t be incessantly checking to see if anyone had voted yet but after a couple of hours the anticipation was too much to take. Eight people had voted and all were in favour of the dungarees. Yes! 
After that, I posted a few snaps to see what outfit I should wear for dinner and drinks with the girls later in the week. Six people voted and black skinny jeans with a sleeveless, sheer Topshop blouse came up trumps. This was fun! I took to the shops and snapped some chelfies to find out what ankle boots I should buy this autumn/winter. Just as I was uploading the pictures I ran out of mobile data and had to wait until I got home which was really annoying. 
The app doesn’t really help when you’re out in the shops and need an opinion right there and then but if I manage to get everyone who I would usually go to for a second opinion to download and set up the app it would be really worth using. 
The app’s not just for chelfies though. You can use it to vote on anything, from interior design to a choice of car. It would be perfect if you were planning a wedding or a big party and needed opinions on decorations, flower choices, outfits, hairstyles, cakes etc and it’s just not possible to get everyone together in the flesh to voice their opinion. 
I'm a Pollpic convert!