Though a familiar face on the festival scene, Aleksandra Denton, otherwise known by her stage name, Shura, graced the NME stage at Reading for the first time on Sunday.

In fact, the singer, producer and remixer, who shot into the spotlight with her track Touch, which has since had over 17 million views on Youtube, had never set foot on Little John’s Farm or its sister site in Bramham Park in Leeds. 

Crazy for such an avid festival-goer but bouncing around full of beans, it was clear to see the 28-year-old, who hails from Manchester was excited to have finally made it to Reading.

And what better way to celebrate visiting the iconic music festival for the first time, than by performing.

With her breathy tones which draws influence from early Madonna and Blood Orange, the star blended into seamlessly with the more mellow vibe of the final day agreeing that what she has to offer is “perfect Sunday music”.

Reading Chronicle:


“Even if the tent is not rammed the people who are there know you and know your stuff so it’s just really nice to play to people who really want to hear it. 

“Our music is pretty good Sunday music because it’s chilled but if you want to dance then you can so you see people doing that weird waving round dance which is sort of what I do!

“I think the good d thing about Reading and Leeds is there a lot of energy & the bands really want to come here and do something because of its history which comes from being a rock festival and wanting to come and head bang irrespective of whether you’re playing rap and pop music.

“Anywhere you have Mumford & Kendrick on top of the bill is amazing & doesn’t often happen.

“One of my favourite things about a festival is that the energy is really great, people save up the whole year for just one weekend a year and let themselves go a bit and you want to put on a good show for them.

“There is something exciting about playing a festival and knowing there may be some people who come and see you, not really knowing who you are but think actually, she’s pretty good, I’m going to listen to more of her.”

But despite her musical prowess and eagerness, Shura admitted that after her set she was probably going to head home to Manchester rather than stick around to enjoy some tunes.

She said: "It's a job so it's a case of go in and go out and if you get to stick around and watch some bands then great but the sad fact is you're probably not going to get to." 

Having tallied up a total of six festivals this year already including Bestival Festival N°6 and Latitude, Shura will be heading to Electric Picnic in Ireland and hopes to be back on the bill at Reading next year.