Aston Mclean Williams died almost eight months ago but despite repeated requests Janet Williams has been unable to give him a funeral as the investigation into his death continues.

The 28-year-old was struck by a marked 4x4 at around 1.45am on August 6 last year which was heading to a reported burglary in Eastern Avenue, east Reading.

Though the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) began probing into the collision one week after the incident they have refused requests for Aston’s body to be returned to his family pending further results.

In response, family and friends of Aston, who has two children, are calling for people to march on April 18 setting off at noon from the Wokingham Road crash site which still bears flowers and photos in tribute to his memory.

Miss Williams, of Basingstoke Road, said: “If he was doing wrong that night then he should have been arrested or gone to court like anyone else. He should not have been killed.

“We are going to march from where he drew his last breath into the town centre. It is just disgusting how families are left without answers.”

The 'March for Aston’ will set off at midday and marchers will call for transparency over why the investigation into his death has taken so long and why his relatives have been unable to say their goodbyes.

Miss Williams said: “There is obviously something wrong with this system that families have to live like this. Everything is all too quiet and hush hush — they have just put it under the carpet. It does not feel like he is my son any more. They have taken him away from me. Where does that leave me as his mother?”

Currently, Aston’s body remains in the care of the Berkshire Coroner’s Office while reports from a variety of groups are compiled.

Associate Commissioner Guido Ligouri, of the IPCC, said: “Our criminal investigation into Aston’s death and the actions of Thames Valley Police officers has recently received the final collision investigation report.

“We are providing regular updates to Aston’s family and recognise that the wait for answers as to how he died can only add to their grief.

“Following receipt of the report we have shared it with the pathologist, so it can inform his post mortem conclusion, and sought further advice from the Crown Prosecution Service.

“We will be conducting further criminal interviews with the driver of the armed response vehicle and the officer who was in close proximity to Aston during the incident.”