THE problem with really good drama is there isn’t much scope to be able to write funnily about it.

Indian Summers (Channel4, Sundays, 9pm)? Well written, beautifully shot, set in a pretty touchy period of world history and someone gets shot in the first episode. Not funny.

The Casual Vacancy (BBC1, Sundays, 9pm)? Haven’t watched it yet, but I imagine it has pretty serious subject matter.

So, for something lighter, I’ve arrived at I Survived A Zombie Apocalypse (BBC3, Sundays, 10pm) which takes every zombie film cliché ever and gives them a reality TV twist. BOOM, original.

Technology causing a worldwide pandemic? Check. News bulletin montages outlining mankind’s descent? Ya-ha. Footage is a combination of CCTV, covert cameras and handheld camera interviews? Yup.

Essentially, I Survived A Zombie Apocalypse is one of those zombie escape team-bonding things you can do these days, just with a dishevelled-looking Greg James presenting and the chance for entrants to get on TV

Speaking of, the contestants, we have:

- Amena, my early tip for a winner as she has cracking cardio,

- Kavon who has gone up in my estimations for wearing suitable looks for the regular occasions on which people say something soul-crushingly stupid,

- Jonas, a one-legged blade running PT who appears to have salvaged a seemingly endless supply of hats,

- cross-dressing, Lady Gaga-obsessed, Louie Spence tribute act Thom,

- tough fella Luke who is way too nice so he is definitely going to die first,

- Sara, a ditherer who is aiming to put the “fun” into “fundamental destruction of the human race”,

- quiet, nondescript, beige Megan,

- JLS member prototype Aston,

- Sarah Millican lookalike Jackie,

-and latecomer Leah who turned up about five minutes before the end, outran 20-odd zombies and informed us she was transgender.

These 10 people must see it out seven days in a shopping village to get rescued with one imagining putting up with one another for hour after interminable hour without lodging a shovel in each other’s temples being the bigger challenge than the walking undead periodically banging on the glass doors of the shopping centre. Essentially, much like The Godfather, surviving a zombie apocalypse appears to switch between long epochs of conversation and short periods of bloody violence.

But, here’s a fun game to kill the time during the dull bits; decide which contestant you want to get eaten first – it flits between most of the younger ones who, as you may have guessed, are quite annoying - but this all isn’t real so it is perfectly non-crazy to want people to turn into a meal.

Despite a slow build-up, I Survived A Zombie Apocalypse does build up in tension, but there is one key reason why it cannot be taken seriously…

…the zombies can run.