A FORMER TV star turned headteacher brought in to drive up standards at a newly formed academy stood down last night - on the eve of his pupils collecting their GCSE results.

Theale Green School sent out an email to parents last night with the shock announcement that headteacher David Bromfield has stood down after fewer than two years in the role.

The bolt-from-the-blue announcement met with mixed emotions in the playground as Year 11 students arrived to pick up their GCSE results.

Wendy Earley, from Calcot, said the decision was "unsettling" but she was not worried by it.

She added: “It was a bit unsettling, but when I knew who his successor was it blew that away. All schools are up and down and going through major changes. You just want what’s best for your child.”

The former Tomorrow’s World presenter was appointed to the school in January last year after it had been placed in special measures by the school watchdog Ofsted for failing exam results.

Theale Green was sponsored by Bradfield College to become an Academy in September.

Mr Bromfield has been replaced by Bradfield College’s assistant headteacher Dr Sally Beeson, who insisted today should be about the results.

She said: “Today absolutely should be about the students and their results. We are delighted with their results and ultimately want to celebrate their success and hard work.

“We recognise there is room for further improvement but I am very excited about the year ahead. I think it is an exciting time for the school.”

The letter, which was sent out by Theale Green School Trust chairman Dudley Fishburn, told parents that Mr Bromfield had left to “pursue his career in a new context”.

It thanked him for all his hard work and added: “It has been agreed between David Bromfield and the governors that this would be a natural juncture when the leadership baton should be passed on.”