GREEN party campaigners are trying to put pressure on Reading Borough

Council to reduce residential speed limits.

The party is backing Reading Cycle Campaign’s (RCC) call for 20mph speed

limits in the borough’s residential areas to promote cycling, reduce

noise pollution and improve health.

Reading’s Green Party leader Cllr Rob White said: “One thing that

Reading could do for cyclists is introduce 20mph limits across

residential areas rather than lots of different piecemeal things here

and there.

“The key aim of 20mph speed limits is to encourage more considerate

driving, unlocking the potential for walking and cycling, leading to

better health, less traffic congestion, more social interaction, less

noise pollution and stronger communities.”

The Chronicle has been running a high profile campaign to promote safer

cycling and reduce conflict between pedestrians and cyclists on

Reading’s roads and Cllr White wants more signatures on a petition for

lower speed limits going to next week’s meeting of the traffic management.

But borough transport leader Cllr Tony Page said: “If we come forward

with proposals we want to ensure that we have a proper consultation and

the support of local residents.

“One area will be identified for further work at the next meeting, and

some of the areas we will look at are going to be quite large - but we

have no plans to change our policy on this.”

The traffic management committee meets at 6.30pm on Tuesday [5] petition

can be found at