I AM absolutely disgusted by the comment Judge Mary Jane Mowat made upon sentencing David Armstrong following his conviction for having indecent images of children on his laptops/hard drives.

Not only does she not criticise him for his attraction to children but she claims (and rather boldly I'd suggest) that most good teachers have such attractions to children but manage to keep their urges under control!

If she's stating a fact (and I'd like to know where she gets her statistics from), I'd like to permanently remove my children from school - and I've never wanted to do so more swiftly than after reading the article.

I strongly suspect the comment was misplaced but this doesn't excuse the fact that it was made and has no doubt raised some eyebrows! More accurately, and personally speaking, it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I'm furious the Judge has almost condoned David Armstrong's behaviour. I'd welcome the views of those in the teaching profession who may also have read this article. Is it true that good teachers are attracted to children?

Do they have urges which they need to work hard to keep under control? As a professional working in the education sector and a mother to two children I'd suggest that the 'attraction' is a more a passion and a desire to secure best outcomes for children through quality care and education. Anything else just doesn't come into it!

I'm infuriated by the Judge's comments as I'm sure most in the sector are, particularly when we're fighting to make sure that children are safeguarded more effectively than they have been in past years. This is testament once again that enhanced CRB checks are just not enough. The Government and local authorities need to jump back on the vetting and barring scheme bandwagon rather swiftly because it seems we've had rather an influx of cases up and down the country where children are falling victim to this heinous crime and it is those working within the sector that are the perpetrators!

Professionals need to work together to make sure predators don't slip through the nets and Judge Mowatt has some further explaining to do!

Leah Yeoman

Kennet Island, Reading