AS with the libraries and the park and ride, Cllr Prue Bray, leader of the Liberal Democrats, demonstrates a willingness to ignore the facts in order to try to gain political advantage.

I refer to her over-the-top comments about budgets and Bulmershe School.

She knows full well that it is not uncommon to fund necessary projects even though there was no formal allocation within the budget.

A prime example has been the bus subsidies in Woodley. When they first came up a few years ago there was no allocation in the budget for it but we found that money! I believe Cllr Rob Stanton has made it perfectly clear that this is a necessary project and is awaiting for the relevant paper work to be completed.

Her actions and the actions of her party are becoming more and more desperate to gain favour with the electorate.

Residents need a good opposition but that opposition needs to operate with integrity and honesty. At the moment I think the residents are being seriously let down by the current opposition.

Cllr Keith Baker

Executive Member for Transport

Wokingham Borough Council