A NOTE of thanks to Howard Thomas for his excellent observations on the Bath Road re speeding signs and the reduction of the speed limits.

As a motorist who has paid several fines of £60 and attended a £70 speed awareness course (a waste of a day) for offences of between 32 and 36mph, I agree that this is just another way of tricking us. I travelled that stretch of the A4 between Burghfield Road and Calcot in a westward direction and encountered NINE 40mph signs to ONE telling me that the speed limit is reduced to 30mph.

If you are local you may spot it, but if you have spent 30 minutes either trying to get out of town or getting off the M4 at Junction 12, chances are you will put your foot down on that straight stretch of road. I follow Mr Thomas' letters with great interest and support his views against the way this town is run. So thanks Mr Thomas, you have probably saved myself and many others £60 that can be used for our ever-increasing bills

Patrick Gee