VOTERS will choose from 72 candidates across 18 wards in the Wokingham Borough council elections next month.

One third of the council's 54 seats are up for grabs and Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats contest nearly all of the wards. There is also a single independent candidate standing.

Voters will pick from 17 Lib Dem candidates, 18 Conservatives and 16 Labour party members.

Barkham ward:

Stephen Paul Bacon (LD)

John Stuart Kaiser (Con)

Bulmershe and Whitegates ward:

Kyriakos Fiakkas (Lab)

Lesley Marie Hayward (LD)

Peter Stewart Jackson (UK Independence)

Adrian Windisch (Green)

Shahid Younis (Con)

Coronation ward:

Kate Haines, (Con)

Paddy Power (LD)

Pippa White (Lab)

Emmbrook ward:

Stephen Jeremy Harley (LD)

Stella hermoine Howell (UK Independence)

Philip Mirfin (Con)

Paul Grant Sharples (Lab)

Evendons ward:

Christopher John Bowring (Con)

Carolyn Constance Dooley (LD)

Anthony George Skuse (Lab)

Mike Spencer (UK independence)

Hawkedon ward:

Tim Holton (Con)

Anthony Paul Vick (LD)

Neville Herbert Waites (Lab)

Hillside ward:

Munir Ahmed (LD)

Norman Planters Lodge Jorgensen (Con)

David Andrew Sharp (Lab)

Andrew Tunley (Green)

Loddon ward:

Roger Clive Hayes (Lab)

Abdul Loyes (Con)

Tom Mccann (LD)

Andrew Bevan Sansom (Green)

Maiden Erlegh ward:

David Chopping (Con)

David Hare (LD)

Nicholas Marshall (Green)

Jacqueline Earla Rupert (Lab)

Norreys ward:

Alistair Auty (Con)

John Charles Bray (LD)

Mary Cornerhaven Gascoyne (Lab)

Keith John Knight (UK Independence)

Robin Peter Smith (Independent)

Shinfield North ward:

Parry Baath (Con)

Christopher Bertrand (Lab)

Ann Louise Bowen-Jones (Green)

Joan Huntley (Uk Independence)

Steven Scarrott (LD)

Shinfield South ward:

Marjory Diane Bisset (Green)

Anthony James Pollock (Con)

Imogen Dubey-Shepherd (LD)

Sonning ward:

Geoff Bulpitt (UK Independence)

Mike Haines (Con)

Philippa Margaret Hills (Lab)

John Sylvester Prior (Green)

South Lake ward:

Kay Margaret Gilder (LD)

Ian Reginald Hills (Lab)

Chris Smith (Con)

Julia Tracy May Titus (Green)

Twyford Ward:

Sam kenneth Hawkins (Con)

Andrew George Heape (UK Independence)

Roy George Mantel (Lab)

Dee Tomlin (LD)

Wescott ward:

Marcus Ellis (UK Independence)

Martyn Graeme Foss (Green)

Julian McGhee-Sumner (Con)

David Raymond Vaughan (LD)

John Woodward (Lab)

Winnersh ward:

John Robert Baker (Lab)

Omar Hamid (Green)

Philip Adrian Houldsworth (Con)

Tony Pollock (UK Independence)

Rachelle Dubey-Shepherd (LD)

Wokingham Without Ward:

Roland Henry Cundy (LD)

Tim Jinkerson (Lab)

David Sleight (Con)

Graham Widdows (UK Independence)