A WORLD record breaking beer can collector is set to roll into Reading.

Jeff Lebo, 49, who lives in America, has a collection of more than 80,000 beer cans - thought to be the largest in the world - which occupy a whole house next door to his own home in Pennsylvania.

The American collector has travelled the globe in search of the tin treasures and is set to pass through Reading on Wednesday, April 20, to Sunday, April 24, as part of his month-long trek of the UK.

He said: "It all started in 1975, when my father worked for an American can company. There was a fad around that time for teenage boys to collect beer cans and I just never stopped."

The collector often pays more than $200 for a beer can. He added: "British cans are my favourite and I have a lot of fun trying to track them down.

"My wife travels with me. She's not crazy about the cans but she likes the holidays."

He is pleading for past employees of the Metal Box Company, former brewery employees, or anyone with unusual cans to email him on

jefflebo@aol.com or visit his website at www.cansmartbeercans.com