MARTIN Salter is refusing to retire quietly.

The former Reading West MP, who stepped down at the General Election and moved to Sydney, has waded into an acrimonious debate on fishing in Australia. He gave evidence to the New South Wales (NSW) Parliamentary Inquiry into Recreational Fishing, accusing the main parties of letting down the state’s one million anglers.

According to Australia’s Fishing World magazine, Mr Salter said in his submission: “Although I’m supposed to be having a break from politics, as a paying NSW Recreational Fishing Licence holder I share the frustration of my fellow anglers who are being locked out of prime fishing grounds for no good reason in Marine Parks whose designation appears to be based on dodgy science and political dogma.

“Aussie anglers feel they have been badly let down by mainstream politicians who have failed to stand up to the anti-angling green extremists."

Mr Salter was one of Parliament’s best-known anglers and spoke on the issue for the Labour Party.

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