TORY elation at winning both Parliamentary seats in style faded slightly this morning thanks to a string of disappointing results in the Reading council elections.

The party failed to take any of its key targets off Labour or the Lib Dems and lost its Minster seat to Labour, leaving it down one on 17 seats. Labour stayed on 19 seats having won that seat and regained Battle after Independent Tony Jones stood down - but it lost out to the Lib Dems in Katesgrove and to a triumphant Rob White as the Greens romped home in Park ward.

Every other seat stayed static, with Labour particularly happy to retain Abbey and Southcote and the Lib Dems held Tilehurst and Redlands.

The council remains under no overall control and negotiations will now begin to see if Labour will remain in control as a minority administration, or whether the other parties might seek a coalition.


Labour 19 (unchanged), Conservatives 18 (-1), Lib Dems 9 (+1), Green 1 (+1), Independent 0 (-1)

Abbey - Labour hold

Battle - Labour gain from Independent (Labour hold from 2006 due to defection)

Caverhsham - Tory hold

Church - Tory hold

Katesgrove - Lib Dem gain from Labour

Kentwood - Tory hold

Mapledurham - No election

Minster - Labour gain from Tories

Norcot - Labour hold

Park - Green gain from Labour

Peppard - Tory hold

Redlands - Lib Dem hold

Southcote - Labour hold

Thames - Tory hold

Tilehurst - Lib Dem hold

Whitley - Labour hold

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