IT WOULD turn enough heads under the sea, but this yellow submarine has been dropping jaws all over west Reading.

Common Sense Party campaigner Howard Thomas, a well-known critic of Reading Borough Council and a candidate in Kentwood ward, has thrown his hat into the ring for Parliament and will fight the next election in Reading West from the seat of his Yellow Submarine.

Mr Thomas, a metalworker from Stone Street, said: "There are an awful lot of people out there peed off with politics full stop. But we do listen to what people are saying. We're not the same as the others."

He and other party members built the Yellow Submarine themselves, but will also still use their old campaigning vehicle, a submarine-shaped boat which they have sailed down the Thames many times, including to the Henley Regatta last year - towing a duck house in protest at the expenses scandal.

He urged more people to come forward to stand for the party in other Reading wards. Its policies include abolishing council tax, legalising euthanasia, renegotiating our relationship with the EU, stricter immigration quotas and building more council housing. In Reading it campaigns mostly on traffic and transport issues.

Mr Thomas, who has lived in Reading for more than 30 years, said: "People blame the council for the traffic and they are right to. They make things worse! We opposed the one-way IDR from the start and are keeping a close eye on the council's current transport plans."