THE war in Afghanistan continues to claim the lives of British soldiers and Afghan civilians.

Early November saw the bloodiest day for the British military since the Falklands war, yet so little has been achieved through the conflict.

British soldiers are being sent to protect a corrupt President who is supported by Gordon Brown.

The Afghan President is passing new laws that legalise rape in marriage and make it illegal for a woman to leave the house without her husband's permission. It seems that women's rights are worse now than before the war began.

The Green Party is campaigning for a swift end - rather than Gordon Brown's latest of many positions filled with ifs, buts and maybes - to what even a former Pentagon advisor has said is an unwinnable war.

The Green Party wants withdrawal of British soldiers before Afghanistan becomes the new Vietnam.

Only the Afghan forces can secure the country. The presence of British soldiers only motivates rebels to become active and resort to more terrorism aimed at British forces. It is not right to risk lives of brave British soldiers for a misguided war.

Rob White, Green Party Parliamentary candidate for Reading East