THE FORCE was strong with the thousands of fans who queued to catch a glimpse of the secret cinemas Empire Strikes Back in London.

Waking up in my earth life I felt something strange inside, first I thought it was excitement, but deep down I knew it was the force.

Ever since I was a toddler I have been obsessed by the fantasy world which George Lucas created.

And stepping off the tube into a galaxy far far away was beyond my wildest dreams.

One moment my master (father) and I were stood outside an underground station in London, the next we were being blasted off to Tattooine after being smuggled on to a rebel ship.

We were told to cover our faces in disguise from the imperial troopers who were roaming around the area.

“You made it soldier” said one of the rebel commanders.

That was it, what I’ve wanted since I was a child, I was officially a member of the rebel alliance.

There were hundreds of us, young and old, showing the timelessness of the 1977 classic.

As we snuck past the imperial forces guarding docking bay 94, we entered a dodgy looking space port.

And for those of you who are like me - star wars obsessed - you will not believe the detail that has gone into it.

From the sandy floors to the huts and buildings, I almost forgot we had a life on earth.

We walked into the bar called ‘Cantina’ to fetch a drink, but we were stopped in our tracks after violence broke out.

A man - a familiar looking smuggler - had shot down a green alien type figure after a row over money.

And cue the argument of who shot first.

The smuggler stood up and walked past me as I gazed in awe, the man that I have idolised since I was a child was stood next me.

Next I found myself sat at a dinner table with a farmer's boy, and his aunt and uncle, who were deliberating over letting the former join me at the Rebellion.

He insisted it’s what he wanted, but his uncle pleaded for him to stay at the local moisture farm for another year - with the harvest fast approaching.

Before setting off on my travels, I had received a transmission, telling me I had to smuggle in a pair of di.

I had no idea why - but such is the way of the force that all would be revealed with time.

I found myself sat next to a gambling man, who challenged me to a duel.

He laid out the cards and spoke in an alien tongue, the gist of the rules was the person with the highest number wins.

I hit minus 28, but I'd heard a rumour the dealer likes to play tricks, so when he offered for me to change my cards I declined.

He seemed agitated, and tried twice more for me to change my hand, to which I replied: "Why would I trust a man who gambled and lost a millennium falcon."

I soon found myself with a blaster in my face as I was whisked away from the hut.

We were then ushered on to a ship destined for Alderan, which was stopped in its tracks after the planet was blown away, and we were pulled in to moon-sized space station.

The imperial troopers lined us up and forced us into a cell, where it looked like our adventure had come to an end.

But suddenly, one of our cell mates revealed himself to be a rebel spy, and snuck us out.

We darted along the long and seemingly endless corridor, until we stumbled upon a Jedi Knight and a Sith Lord, preparing to battle.

What came next I can't reveal, but I can assure any Star Wars fan that for £80, there is nothing better to spend your money on.

I stood gazing at what swooped over above my head in awe, I wasn't sure whether to cry or scream, and in the end I think I did a bit of both.

And the journey wasn't over there, as the rebel leaders led us into a dark room for the final chapter of our journey to the rebel alliance, where we were faced with an enormous screen.

Everyone sat buzzing with excitement, and as the curtains dropped, a message to the rebellion was revealed: "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away."

SECRET CINEMA Presents STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK is on now until 27th September 2015