LOVE, life and laughs. Pravesh Kumar’s The Deranged Marriage has it all. And a lot more.

Written and first produced 10 years ago, it is a play about arranged marriages, but questioning not whether they are out-of-date, more of a way to treat women.

Pravesh himself said he didn’t want this to be a moral tirade for or against marriage. And it isn’t.

It’s a beautifully scripted piece of comedy theatre bringing British Asian culture to the stage and to a variety of audiences.

Among the various love stories being played out before them the audience is also thrown into a world of stereotypes, mishap, mayhem and a bit of sign language too.

Balvinder Sopal’s version of Lata is a scream. She is the matriarch or all matriarchs. And took control of the family, the play and the audience with just one very sly, sideways look. Clara Indrani and Stephen Lloyd as the love-struck friends Sona and Tony meet up years later after leaving school at Sona’s wedding.

Great use of Tony’s video recording plus the multi-media effect of flashbacks and lighting for slowed down sequences blends perfectly to tell the story of how they met, how they feel now and how their reunion progresses.

There is some great use of stage, props and video screen for this production adding many layers to the performances of the actors.

This is a love story entwined with a number of romantic tales played out against the back drop of traditional cultures trying to fit in and find a place within modern society.

It’s a reflection of all cultures, not just British Asian with some great anecdotes on life, romance, expectations and duty.

Add to the mix Sheena Patel’s version of Kiran as the hilarious cousin. Sheena was uplifting, heartwarming and a real class act in her performance. Her talent for classic comic timing, facial expressions are genuine and skillful.

Performed by Rifco there is a comforting familiarity about the play. Set just outside Windsor (ie Slough) and staged by a Slough-based theatre company there was much to make you feel you knew the cast well.

There is much to consider and a lot to laugh about with The Deranged Marriage.

Not least how I now get an invite to an Asian wedding – they look amazing. As one group of girls commented after the show “It’ll just make every Gori want to go to an Asian wedding”. And I can confirm it did.

The Deranged Marriage is at Theatre Royal Windsor, in Thames Street until tomorrow (Saturday) at 8pm tonight (Friday) and tomorrow plus a matinee tomorrow at 4.45pm.

On Sunday The London Swing Orchestra chart the amazing story of the rise of Jazz and Swing from Scott Joplin in 1900 to Frank Sinatra in 1965 in words and music. And on Monday Peter Pan Goes Wrong begins its run until Saturday, May 23. To book visit or call the box office on 01753 853 888.