MANY theatre productions, such as Fatal Attraction and The Commitments, struggle to implement the same clean cut and well staged spectacle as the mass media work they are trying to replicate.

Yet, this Theatre Royal Windsor production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, that is based on the 'coat of many colours' story of Joseph from the Bible's book of Genesis, strikes the perfect balance between telling the dream inspiring story that so many people adore, while it also adds well executed comedy to add hilarity to a conventional storyline.

Meanwhile, the perfect use of the narrator, Danielle Hope, who's voice is potentially the standout performance, meant you as the audience understand the story throughout.

Event the younger ones in the audience of the theatre managed to follow the storyline as well as appreciating the comedic aspects of the performance.

For instance, RIchard J Hunt performing as Judah often starts solo performing before on of his brothers has to pull him away from the limelight and stop him.

Even though it disrupts the conventional narrative it adds highly amusing episodes within the theatre production that gives the audience an inspiring message to follow your dreams.

This is absolutely achieved through the play being performed with whole-hearted commitment that transcends its way around the auditorium, culminating in brilliant audience participation that keeps you immersed in the story.

I highly recommend the show for people of all ages and families as it is an exhilarating, highly uplifting evening.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat will now be at The Hexagon, Reading, from Tuesday, September 9 until Saturday, September 13.