Sherlocks frontman Kiaran Crook has urged the public to support local music venues, saying their existence is “important” for up-and-coming acts.

The South Yorkshire band recently announced plans to tour 15 grassroots venues across the UK, with all support slots given to local independent artists.

The dates come ahead of the release of their third album World I Understand, which they expect to follow with a tour of larger venues.

The Sherlocks (TeddyBoy Records/PA)

Singer and guitarist Crook, who leads the band with his brother Brandon on drums, stressed the importance of those spaces for the next generation of stars and said they were under threat due to the pandemic.

He said: “They are massively important for every upcoming band. Every band I know, and you hear about these big bands, they have all started (in small venues) at some point.

“It is important to have that platform to grow. You are not going to start a band and become massive straight away.”

Referring to their own early experiences, he said: “We always had that platform – these small 100 or 150 capacity venues dotted around the UK.

“We have probably played 90% of them. We have played loads of them. And that’s where some of our biggest fans who still follow us around, that’s where they have seen us – in Sheffield’s Rocking Chair, a famous little 100 cap venue.

“It’s important to keep them running and open for that next wave of fans.

“If they do close, this next generation of bands coming up, they have got nowhere to play. It is important for that reason alone.”

In March 2020, brothers Josh and Andy Davidson, who played guitar and bass respectively, quit the band, with Alex Proctor and Trent Jackson replacing them ahead of recording sessions for the new album at Rockfield Studios in Wales.

Crook said: “It definitely feels like a different era. I know it is a different line-up but the band as a whole – the energy of the band – just feels different.

“It is probably to do with the time off we have had as well. I think everyone is rejuvenated and eager to get going.”

The tour is in partnership with Independent Venue Week, which aims to support and preserve grassroots venues around the country.

The Sherlocks’ Keep Our Independent Venues Alive tour begins on October 1.