The transformation of Salt Hill Activity Centre into Slough's new community Covid vaccine hub on Wednesday had a special meaning GP Lalitha Iyer - as her 93-year old-dad was one of the first to receive the injection

Doctor Iyer is a partner in Slough's Farnham Road surgery.

She watched on Wednesday as her dad Devraj Jhalam got the injection from another partner in the surgery Doctor Nithya Nanda.

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Doctor Iyer is also medical director of the Frimley Collaborative Clinical Commissioning Group which plans and commissions health care services for East Berkshire.

She lives in Stoke Poges with her mother and father, mother-in-law, husband and daughter.

She said: "When the pandemic started in March we did not know much about it.

"We had to work out ways to keep people safe. So we worked out a way by seeing suspected Covid patients away from our normal surgery in Farnham Road on a variety of other sites."

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Her father said: "I'm so proud of the NHS and I feel a part of it now through my daughter."

The Salt Hill Activity Centre will be vaccinating people till the end of the week after the arrival of the first batch of vaccines to be used in the community.

Other venues will be used across the borough in the coming weeks, bringing the vaccine nearer to other surgeries.

A second batch will soon be arriving for use in care homes and for people who can not go out.

Doctor Iyer said: "People should not ring their GPs to ask about getting the vaccine. We will be contacting them to let them know when they can have it."

Looking round as an orderly parade of socially distanced people were taken to the vaccination room she said: "This is a historic moment.

"One step nearer to being normal again. But it is more important than ever that people remember the basics and keep socially distanced."