A mother and son are making their own contribution to Plastic Free July from their shop in St Leonard's Road.

Katie Chevis, 52 and her son Joe, 21, a former pupil at The Windsor Boys School set up their plastic free shop Zero Zoe's a year ago.

It sells everything you would find in a supermarket but plastic free.

Customers bring in their own packaging or can buy non-plastic containers or canvas bags there.

Katie said when the shop opened: "Not only are our customers playing their part in helping the planet by reducing single-use plastics, they can also save money and reduce food waste as they can buy in much smaller quantities. If a recipe calls for just a tablespoon of one ingredient you can buy exactly that in our shop.”

This week marks the start of Plastic Free July: an annual, global, month long initiative which for the 10th year encourages everyone to 'be part of the solution'.

Alongside with their packaging-free groceries, toiletry and cleaning products, Zero Joe’s has installed a new frozen selection of fruits, veg and patisserie, ready to scoop into degradable bags or the customer’s own containers. These new lines are supplied by premium frozen food specialists Field Fare, who can supply over 80 different lines of packaging free, ’scoop & serve’ lines; and they introduced the range 40 years ago- long before ‘zero waste’ acquired a hashtag.