Yet another traditional Windsor event will fall victim to the COVID-19 epidemic this week - when the 21 gun salute that usually happens in the Long Walk on the Queen's birthday fails to take place.

The Royal Borough has its own 'mini-cannons' which watching children are often allowed to light under the careful guidance of Borough Bombardier John Matthews within close sight of the castle.

The tiny cannons' impressive roar belies their small stature and crowds usually gather to enjoy the spectacle as each cannon 'somersaults' backwards on being lit.

Much larger 21 gun salutes happen at Hyde Park and the Tower of London.

This year the Queen has decided the events should not take place on her birthday - for the first time in her 68 year reign. She felt it would be inappropriate during the current COVID-19 crisis.

The Queen is 94 and will spend her birthday quietly in Windsor Castle.