As the country's first week of 'lockdown' comes to an end Professor Giana Eckhardt and Dr Katharina Husemann, from the Egham based School of Business and Management at Royal Holloway, (University of London) have been researching how people can adapt to a slower pace of life.

It can be very stressful.

Their research shows there are three main components to successfully slowing down: letting your body wind down, decreasing activities and engaging less with technology.

Professor Eckhardt said: “This is a time where people will be re-connecting with loved ones through activities such as cooking and playing board games.

“Movie nights are in vogue again and virtual drinks with colleagues and friends are the new Friday night out.”

Doctor Husemann said: “We’re finding we have the time to connect with our community - entire streets are forming WhatsApp groups to keep in touch and provide support to the vulnerable.

“People are supporting local businesses and restaurants and reconnection with their own being is happening in the form of picking up hobbies that they never usually have time for.”

Their conclusion is simple.

“We can make the most of these challenging times at home by trying to reap of the benefits of our slowed down lives, which can be reconnection with loved ones, the community and ourselves.”